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Citylinker community brain solutions based on CIM platform

Community brain refers to the integrated application platform of monitoring, supervision, supervision, command and decision-making built by integrating community information resources with "digital twin" technology.

Citylinker CIM platform deeply integrates BIM, GSD and IoT data, which can provide digital backplane support service and "one picture" PaaS service for community governance.

The CIM platform can effectively connect the original systems and provide data sharing services. In addition, it can integrate the spatio-temporal big data platform based on building space and location information to provide 3d visualization digital baseplate sharing services for various applications.

Application Scenarios

Energy and environment

Based on the advantage of high fineness 3d visualization, real-time monitoring and intelligent analysis are supported by data, and dynamic management of environment and energy are strengthened to create a "beautiful block".

Air quality monitoring

Dynamic energy monitoring

Bin classification management

Social bond

Adhering to the "people-oriented" concept, perceive the request of the public, respond to the voice of the public, grasp the needs of the public at all times, combine fine management in precise service.

Public opinion and public sentiment are perceived in both directions

The community party building

Community information center

Sensitive information monitoring

Synergistic function

Street offices integrate various social management and service departments to realize the linkage of grid social governance.

Community security

Relying on the police geographic information system, the digitization, visualization and overall planning of geospatial data and temporal data can provide decision support for managers

Comprehensive community security management

Emergency disposal

Smoke alarm

Gas leak alarm

Community management

Based on the grid service management mode, establish a linkage platform, consolidate a comprehensive grid and integrate a law enforcement force

Micro public security situation comprehensive monitoring

"Five-step closed-loop" integrated illegal disposal

Corridor storage management

Illegal operation and management