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Citylinker smart city visual emergency management solutions based on CIM platform

Citylinker CIM platform deeply integrates BIM, GSD and IoT data, which can provide digital backplane support service and "one picture" PaaS service for urban emergency management. It is an effective tool for smart city emergency management.

The CIM platform can provide pre-plan, monitoring, early warning, disposal, tracking, tracing, analysis and other services in the process of emergency response:

Provide emergency plan formulation (one case one plan) and emergency plan drill

All kinds of real-time monitoring data are accessed through the high-speed data network and displayed uniformly on the platform

Through the threshold value determination, the platform can carry on the fast early warning to the monitoring abnormality

CityEye provides emergency command and decision-making assistance to city managers

The platform can quickly track the situation of rescue resources and the development of events

Combined with video monitoring, the platform can restore the process of event generation and disposal, which is helpful for accountability and problem analysis

Use big data to analyze events and provide support for decision making

Application Scenarios

Community digital delicacy management

Building digital city model through CIM platform can provide visual 3d display for the city. In combination with community management business, it forms visual management, integrates and opens up the decentralized business of various functional departments, conducts hierarchical management, conducts scientific scheduling, enables data sharing, vb and community delicacy management.

Emergency management of underground space

At present, CIM platform has formed a set of countermeasures for large passenger flow, such as limiting and diverting the flow at some stations, guiding the travel path, and preventing large passenger flow at the source. At the same time, the platform can eliminate the management blind spot. Based on the positioning information system, the platform can precisely locate the location of the staff and the location of the event, quickly obtain the site information, quickly deal with the site event, maintain the station order and ensure the safety of travel.

Park environment and personnel monitoring

The CIM platform can identify abnormal conditions of environment and visitors flow, and alarm in time through the automatic monitoring of the park environment, the monitoring of personnel access and the monitoring of the density of people flow.

Urban area operation command center

Based on the grid service management mode, establish a linkage platform, consolidate a comprehensive grid and integrate a law enforcement force