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Citylinker smart campus solutions based on CIM platform

In the process of campus information construction, there are often the following requirements: the need to combine the Internet of things, data security management, intelligent operation and maintenance, digital campus construction, mass data aggregation.

The CIM platform can effectively connect the original systems of campus management and provide data sharing services. In addition, it can integrate the spatio-temporal big data platform based on building space and location information to provide 3d visualization digital baseplate sharing services for various applications.

Application Scenarios

Intelligent lighting visual management in campus

By using intelligent control, real-time data acquisition and analysis, and combined with geographical information of spatial location technology of CIM platform, intelligent lighting visual management can monitor and manage campus lighting facilities, master the running condition of lighting facilities in real time, automatically alarm the facilities with lighting failure, and report to the monitoring center and relevant responsible personnel in time, so that the staff can deal with it in time and improve the working efficiency and service level of lighting management.

Campus energy management

The platform can monitor the running state of the internal equipment of each building in the campus, the information of the internal environment of the building and the situation of energy consumption. Through the automatic control system, the operating state of the internal equipment of the building can be adjusted automatically on time and according to the needs, so as to improve the energy utilization efficiency in the campus.

Campus equipment asset management

The platform can be combined with the campus asset management system to achieve the static and dynamic asset management and view the basic properties of assets, parameters, equipment inspection and equipment maintenance resume information.

Campus parking visual management

CIM platform can quickly view the parking resources to solve the parking management problems, and visually query parking spots guidance and charging piles, and video monitoring of vehicles in campus.

Campus security management

The CIM platform supports 3d display of the campus environment, building appearance and internal detailed structure. And can integrate video monitoring, perimeter alarm, access control alarm, electronic patrol, mobile law enforcement terminal system data, real-time visual monitoring of the key parts of the campus, personnel, vehicles, alarm events and other public security elements, assist managers to control the campus public security situation.

Campus environmental management

The platform can monitor the environment of the campus, including outdoor temperature, indoor temperature of the teaching building, humidity, air quality, environmental noise, etc., to create a beautiful and comfortable teaching environment.