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Citylinker intelligent building solutions based on CIM platform

Smart building is a special application of each application system. Each subsystem focuses on solving independent building control problems, but lacks unified control and linkage control of multiple systems. Smart buildings should have multi-level linkage among systems, and realize system interaction from the three levels of cloud, network and terminal.

The CIM platform can serve as the human control cockpit of the smart building, as well as the big data platform for the active decision-making of the smart building, enabling the smart building.

After realizing the multi-level linkage of the system, the smart building can also have the active decision-making ability of the system. Through the CIM big data display platform, the data are correlated with each other. Through the intelligent analysis of the data by the AI algorithm, the results are generated to assist the property management personnel to make decisions and control the operation of equipment in the building.

In the advanced stage of smart building development, computer decision-making ability can be cultivated through cognitive computing, and basic AI algorithm can be modified through data update and iteration, so as to make it more in line with the needs of scenario use, enhance the applicability of decision-making, and to a greater extent liberate the manpower consumption of property management.

Application Scenarios

BA: building automation

Building automation focuses on the operation status of building internal equipment, information of building internal environment and energy consumption, and realizes the timely and on-demand automatic adjustment of operation status of building internal equipment through automatic control system, so as to serve the people in the building.

The CIM platform can connect with more intelligent building subsystems, such as elevator monitoring, fire power monitoring, multimedia information release system, flow of people statistics system, etc., to realize real-time positioning monitoring of information data and help building property management.

SA: security automation

Security automation focuses on the internal security and defense of buildings, and collects and feeds back the security and defense information of buildings through the deployment of various intelligent subsystems, so as to realize the fine management of the safety of personnel, vehicles and materials.

FA: fire automation

Fire automation focuses on the internal fire protection issues in buildings, including fire alarm system, fire door monitoring system, evacuation lighting system, sprinkler system, etc.

The CIM platform displays the fire alarm points in the form of virtualization by restoring the internal scenes of the building. Any point alarm can be directly displayed on the three-dimensional model of the building and accurately locate the danger.

The evacuation lighting system and sprinkler system can be controlled remotely by the unified instruction issued by the CIM platform. The CIM platform can monitor the opening and closing state of the fire door in the building and adjust the state of the fire door in time according to the fire alarm situation.

OA : office automation

Office automation focuses on creating a good working environment for staff, optimizing work mode, and ultimately improving work efficiency and comfort.

The optimization of the internal working environment of the building depends on various automatic control systems, such as light control, temperature and humidity control, air conditioning and wind regulation, etc. The CIM platform is used as the cockpit to realize the comprehensive control of multiple systems and achieve the harmony and unity of the working environment in all aspects.

The CIM platform can synchronize the data with the online/offline conference room reservation system to update the use of the conference rooms in the building in real time. At the same time, the CIM platform can be used as the reservation query platform for the conference rooms, to display the use information and spatial location correspondingly, so as to improve the efficiency of conference room allocation and management.

CA: communication automation

Communication automation mainly focuses on the stability and reliability of basic communication network environment, and various application systems based on this, such as wireless intercom system, patrol system, information release system, multimedia conference system, etc.

The basic communication network environment includes Ethernet, WIFI, RF radio frequency communication, operator mobile network, etc., which is composed of many network communication devices. The CIM platform can restore the device point position, provide spatial position display for point position layout and inspection, and assist property management.

The CIM platform can be combined with the indoor positioning system to conduct indoor positioning through radio frequency signals sent and received by the wireless intercom and patrol stick worn by the building property personnel, so that the real-time position of the property personnel can be displayed on the CIM platform and help the management of the property personnel.