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Citylinker smart park solutions based on CIM platform

he CIM platform has strong geographic information and three-dimensional scene restoration capacity, IoT equipment carrying capacity, and urban brain-level computing capacity, which can provide the whole life cycle services of the intelligent industrial park from the planning stage to the construction stage to the management stage.

Based on the CIM platform, the smart park solution of panlianshucheng aims to create an efficient, real-time and personalized industrial park information service, realize the integration and optimal allocation of various resources, comprehensively improve the service quality and operation management level of industrial parks, and deepen the intelligent process of industrial parks.

Application Scenarios

Planning and design of the park

3D visualization of the whole scene

3d visualization of ground buildings and refined BIM models as well as underground pipelines, so as to perceive layout, spatial prediction, eliminate hidden dangers and assist decision-making in advance.

Space roaming

Driving simulation: conduct an overview of the city based on the driver's perspective, and perceive it in advance, which helps to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the scheme.

Verify the rationality of the design scheme

    Sunlight analysis - verification of building lighting

    Visibility of the sky - verification of the openness of industrial parks

    Weather simulation - combined with underground pipeline layout to achieve drainage management verification

Design change with one click

In the scheme comparison and change, the model can be quickly adjusted through the import, delete, translation, rotation, scaling and other operations, to a certain extent shorten the adjustment cycle of multi-regulation conflict, improve work efficiency.

Planing and site selection

Provide accurate data for the site selection of functional buildings and service facility service radius, and provide auxiliary decision-making for the site selection of buildings.

Construction of the park

Multidisciplinary interaction

Ability to simulate interactive information of overall drawings and key construction plans. Support civil engineering, steel, installation, Revit all kinds of PDS project correlation and management.

Investment cost cycle control

The economic index of this stage is reflected by the model in real time to ensure sufficient data support for each decision stage.

Site quality and safety management

A complete supervision and management system covering the period from problem discovery to completion of rectification.

Supervision of construction progress

Make relevant early warning on the different influence degrees of critical path and non-critical path to ensure that project decision-makers have a quantitative understanding of the overall project progress, lag and degree.

Operation and maintenance management of the park

People management

There will be a large number of people in the industrial park. The CIM platform can manage the people in and out of the industrial park, grasp the density of people in real time, and guide or evacuate people in time.

Parking management

By virtue of the three-dimensional model of CIM platform, all available parking Spaces in the industrial park, including ground parking Spaces and underground parking Spaces, are managed uniformly, and the intelligent application is realized.

Equipment and material management

A structured database of material information is established in the CIM platform to facilitate query, positioning, statistics and management. Monitor the location of important facilities (such as street lights) and long-term running equipment (such as air conditioners) in the park, and record the maintenance status.

Energy and environmental management

Real-time temperature, humidity, concentration of PM2.5 and toxic gas, and other data of the park, the building, the underground parking lot and the pipe gallery are presented in real time through the CIM platform. Real-time monitoring of energy consumption in the whole park, buildings, even floors and rooms; To test the water, electricity, gas and other energy required for the operation of large-scale equipment in the park.

Merchants management

Rental management, statistical analysis, work coordination, payment and receipt, and can also rely on monitoring indicators and economic data to form a prediction model.

Security and protection management

Through the real-time linkage between CIM platform and camera data, monitor the real situation in the park.