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Shanghai Ouyang Street

The community refined management solution adopted by Ouyang Street has achieved close application under the close cooperation of Shanghai Oriental Pearl Digital TV Co., Ltd. and Citylinker. The CIM platform deeply integrates the urban “neuron” intelligent community system, and utilizes the concept of “digital twin city” to restore all buildings, roads and environment in the street community to a 1:1 three-dimensional number, and build a space-time big data management platform under the smart community. Moreover, the community information is mapped to the architectural space location of the digital world to achieve visual management of jurisdictional affairs. In the future, Citylinker CIM Smart Community Solution will gradually expand to more regions, providing technical support and project demonstration for Shanghai to further create refined management of mega-cities.

Sichuan Jiumian Expressway

Through the deployment of Citylinker CIM platform, combined with big data processing technology and holographic high-precision geographic information data, Jiumian Expressway constructed an air and land integrated information acquisition system to realize the traffic flow visualization operation. The traffic management department can monitor the traffic operation status of each section of the high-speed section in real time through the visualization data, and arrange the traffic diversion work in a timely and reasonable manner, so as to ensure the smooth and orderly operation of the Jiumian high-speed traffic. At the same time, the CIM platform can provide a variety of innovative services such as data map products and traffic information release for relevant traffic management departments, and build an intelligent traffic ecology in a full information environment.

Riverside Smart Water Project in a Certain City

In the planning and design stage of Riverside Smart Water Project, the CIM platform realizes the transformation from 2D plan paper to 3D space. By docking the CIM platform with the IoT device (water level sensor) data, the water level can be simulated in real time. It is able to make timely response and alarm when the water level is about to arrive or has reached the critical value, which is convenient for the manager to make timely decision management, to protect the safety of the city's riverside public shoreline.

Fuzhou University

By deploying the CIM platform at Fuzhou University and using the precise geographic information of buildings and equipment to establish a 1:1 digital campus model, the spatial location of the three-dimensional buildings and equipment facilities on the campus is visually displayed, which provides a space-bearing display computing platform for school management systems and IoT devices. The CIM platform provides fast and convenient big data decision support for the daily management of relevant departments, making the daily affairs of the campus more efficient and helping to build a smart campus that combines the power of modern technology.

Sub-Center of a City

A new city is an urban area planned and built by a “modern international new city” with a planned area of 155 square kilometers and a future population carrying capacity of 1 million. By deploying the CIM platform, the new city can accurately calculate the planning parameters during the planning and design phase, and build a city dynamic database of up to 155 square kilometers. At the same time, the system also supports real-time modification in the state of 3D presentation, and can analyze the accessibility of road networks in various regions, as well as other data. During the construction phase, the construction progress can be monitored in real time. In the urban development stage, dynamic operation and maintenance can be realized, intelligently respond to the needs of the citizens, reduce the energy consumption and cost of the city, and create a future city that is suitable for business.

Qingpu Jiayue Villa

In the planning and design process of Jiayue Villa District in Qingpu, Shanghai, the deployment of the CIM platform of the City of the Union has digitally restored the environment, greening, water and buildings of the villa, and the designers can experience the immersion to realize the inspection and observation of various areas and angles of the villa area under 360° full scene, and analyze and correct the indicators such as illumination and visibility from the perspectives of rationality of architectural planning and design and viewing environment. This method effectively avoids rework of construction and construction links caused by unreasonable design, saves project costs and improves project quality.

Nantong Chuangyuan Science Park

The Citylinker CIM platform provides a unified application and management platform for Nantong Chuangyuan Science and Technology Park. By integrating each subsystem on a unified data platform, real-time data exchange and sharing between various systems is realized, which makes up for the defects of traditional intelligent building data collection and isolation, solves the problem that the system is difficult to link, and reduces operating costs. . In addition, the CIM platform has an expert system engine that integrates, analyzes, and calculates real-time data collected from various subsystems, and combines pre-plans to give judgments on abnormal conditions and implement early warning linkage.

Chongqing Xiantao Data Valley

The overall planning area of Chongqing Xiantao Data Valley is 2 square kilometers, and the total construction scale is about 1.75 million square meters. By deploying the Citylinker CIM platform during the construction phase and interfacing with PM, archives, finance, HR and other systems, the unified management and control of the large platform is truly realized. Construction management personnel can visually supervise building information, tower crane information, project progress, safety data, personnel information, etc., and greatly improve the overall project management and control level.