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Citylinker CIM software platform—Cityeye

Citylinker develops the self-controllable CIM (City Information Modeling) software platform product CityEye, which integrates BIM technology, GSD (Geo-Spatial Data) and IoT (Internet of Things) technology. The product can support all kinds of digital applications in the whole process of “planning, construction, management” of hundreds of square kilometers of city level, park, building and household level. CityEye system provides digital backplane of visualize big data management for product services for many smart city applications by 1:1 restoring real urban spatial information.

Citylinker CIM platform and overall framework

City Information Modeling (CIM) is based on BIM technology, integrates GSD (Earth Space Data), connects IoT (Internet of Things) data, and establishes an organic complex of three-dimensional urban space model and urban dynamic information. It is an organic combination of big scene GSD+ small scene BIM data + IoT data, and is a digital backplane for visualizing big data management.

Citylinker CIM digital backplane is digital infrastructure for panning, construction and management

In the stage of planning, CIM platform is available for planning evaluation, land management, visual design, skyline analysis, traffic analysis, investment calculation, and land price big data prediction

In the stage of construction, CIM platform can save about 10% of project progress, reduce 60% of rework, significantly enhanced quality and safety management capabilities, get 10 times or more return on investment and improve project synergy by 50%.

In the stage of management, CIM platform can provide digital backplane infrastructure for urban refined management, which can break down the system barriers between different IoT devices and IoT platforms. CIM platform is also available for visual management of security, fire protection, parking and energy.

CIM digital backplane is the digital infrastructure of the new smart city, 9+1 urban infrastructure

CIM platform features:

Big: CIM platform has the ability of calculation and front-end display of digital city database of hundreds of square kilometers

Small: CIM platform is a digital platform for the management of digital home, home appliances, hardware and furniture decoration, and also covers urban furniture like well lid, street lamps, precious seedlings, etc.

A platform:CIM platform has excellent openness, IoT server and business flow server, which can provide standard API interface and SDK to help partners achieve customized development.